Let’s trust the Lord during this time

During Covid-19, we may have uncertainty and worry in our life but we trust the Lord who only can lead us to the right and peaceful way.

The bible says in Philippians 4:6-7, “6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Paul says when we humbly trust the Lord with whatever is on our minds, the peace of God will guard and protect our minds and hearts in Jesus.  Mature prayer includes thanking God for what he has done for us and asking for help in need. This is the Christian life to reduce anxiety in all areas of life especially during this time. This does not mean Christians will live a worry-free life but God will give us peace and power to overcome all kinds of issues when we trust the Lord daily through his words, praise and worship and prayer etc.

Love you all. Rev. David Um

Sermon Series – 2020 Vision – What is God calling us to?

With Pastor Ben having been brought in as Senior Pastor of CHBC in 2018 specifically to revitalise the church, the time has come for us to grapple with the reality of what God is calling us to. This sermon series will take us through the history of where the church has been, where it is now, and how our choices can make or break us, before moving on to share the “five steps for the journey” that will help us to move forward well.

Join us from May 12th as we seek to listen, discern, test, reflect and decide together, for the glory of God.

Mark – Marching to the Cross

Beginning February 24th, we’ll be teaching from the book of Mark, with the theme of “Marching to the Cross”

It’s important for everyone to learn about and consider what this book, the shortest of the four gospels, has to say about God, Jesus, humanity, our rebellion, God’s answer to our rebellion, and our own response to these things.

If you’ve never really explored these issues and ideas for yourself, if you’d like to learn more about them, or if you’re a long-term follower of Jesus and wanted to be challenged and refreshed, come down and join us on Sunday mornings as we work through this book between now and Easter.

If you’d like a quick introduction to Mark, why not watch the below clip?

As 2018 draws to a close…

We’re officially in the tail end of 2018, and looking forward with anticipation to Christmas and what comes forth in 2019. As the year closes though, we’re continuing to keep ourselves busy.

We begin November by greeting David Um, a Korean Baptist Pastor who feels God has called him to multi-ethnic ministry. He’ll be sharing a message on God’s heart for the nations from the book of Revelation, so come and join us for a wonderful Sunday.

This is followed by two Sundays where our pastor, Ben Pratt, will be taking us through what our hope is as Christians, and what then God is calling us to, in the lead up to our last quarterly business meeting for the year. At this meeting we’ll make important decisions for 2019, so we encourage all our members and ministry partners to be there, especially on the 18th of November.

On November 17th we’ll be having our last Saturday Night Youth Service for the year, where we’ll get to meet Rev. Rob French, a Lecturer for the Plunge program at Morling Baptist Theological College. The night starts at 6:30pm, and is followed by a sausage sizzle and supper on the street. Don’t miss out!

And in December we’ll be going through a four week series called “Come and See”, where we go on a bird’s eye view of God’s plan for a Saviour, and how it all played out.

Finally, we’ll be holding a combined Christmas Carols service in the open air, across the road at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday 16th December, in partnership with several local churches. What better way to celebrate the birth of our Messiah than by singing praises to God and celebrating our unity as the family of God?

There’s never a better time than right now to come down to CHBC and see what God is doing, as we celebrate the new life he’s bringing us, and the hope we hold for tomorrow.


Surprise the World!

Starting on June 3rd and running for six weeks, our next teaching series will explore the ideas in Michael Frost’s book Surprise the World. Pastor B.A. will be helping us work through what a missional rhythm of life can look like, using the acronym of BELLS (Bless, Eat, Listen, Learn, Sent).

If you’d like to know more, perhaps Frosty himself can fill you in…