God Is…

We know that there is a God, but what is God like? Is he good? Is he fair? Is he reliable? Does he care about me?

Lots of people want to talk about God and what he is like. But the truth is that the best way to know what God is like is to meet him, to listen to him, and to learn from him in the way that he reveals himself to us.

In November and December Chester Hill Baptist Church will be trying to finish the sentence: ‘God is…’ Join us for the next 2 months in looking deeper into God’s word to try to learn more about who God is, and how we can grow to be more aware of his character in our daily lives.


5th – God is Good

12th – God is Trustworthy

19th – God is Generous

26th – God is Just


3rd – God is Love

10th – God is Holy

17th – God is Self-Sacrificing

24th – God Transforms

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