Christ Changes…


What impacts you most about the Christmas Season? Is it the bright colours of the Christmas trees, the tinsel and the decorations, or the delightful smells of Christmas lunch, and laughter with family and friends? Perhaps the presents, and the joy of unwrapping something you find delight with, or the holiday period – and the opportunity for rest and renewal, or the Carols, and the fun of singing together? But behind all these things is the person of Jesus Christ. For this event is a celebration of His life and ministry. Why not come to a service this Christmas, and celebrate the real meaning of this season.  For Christmas is all about Jesus.

Christ Changes…

The birth of Jesus was a significant event! For the coming of the Messiah – the Christ, brought change to the world.  Our Church Sermon Series in November and December examines the first few chapters of John’s Gospel to investigate the changes that resulted from the birth of Jesus.

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